Forum Südliches Afrika, 21. Jänner 2021: The BIG campaign in Namibia

The BIG campaign in Namibia - a basic income for everyone?

Lecture by Rinaani Musutua (in English)
Commentary by Lukas Schlögl (University of Vienna).

Online Event
21st January 2021 – 7:00 pm

Meeting-ID: 922 4427 2496

For the past 30 years, far too many Namibians have been living under inhumane and degrading conditions. They have been struggling to meet their basic human needs without a decent income, decent roofs over their heads, clean water and sanitation. The situation is worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. Namibia continues to be among the countries in the world with acute poverty and extreme differences between the rich and poor without genuine efforts being made to tackle the problem. That is why the Basic Income Grant (BIG) Coalition of Namibia deemed it crucial for a Universal BIG to be implemented in Namibia. The presentation will be on the BIG Coalition’s struggle over the years for the implementation of BIG and why it deems it crucial for BIG to be urgently implemented. 

Rinaani Musutua is an Economic and Social Justice Trust’s community activist who has over the years worked in the charitable sector. Lukas Schlögl, political scientist at the University of Vienna, will give a short comment on the Austrian perspective of the topic.